The predecessor of Guangzhou Feida Exercise & Massager Equipment Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Fair Tall international Co., Ltd., which was set up by Board Chairman Chiang, Yu-song in 1973 in Taiwan. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of massage chairs and massage equipment in Taiwan. Fair Tall set up its production base in Zhang-Hua, Taiwan; moreover, Board Chairman Chiang, Yu-song established an international trading company in Taipei, which is mainly engaged in importing Japan massage equipment together with healthcare products. It has participated in many exhibitions in Taipei World Trade Center and attainted great achievements. For over three decades since its establishment, the company has always kept making innovations, and devoted itself to the research, development, manufacture and sales of exercise and massager equipment. Besides receiving large quantities of trade and OEM orders abroad, Fair Tall also conduct independent research and development (ODM), and achieved many patents. The company has established long-term partnership with foreign customers and won their trust. Based on this, the company has kept expanding in Taiwan.



In 1993, integrating sound economic strength and long-term development plan, Board Chairman Chiang, Yu-song decided to enter Chinese market which possesses considerable investment potential and a huge market. He invested over tens of millions US dollars in a piece of land of 80 thousand square meters located in Zhenlong Town of Zengcheng City (governed by Jiulong Town of Guangzhou City later),Which is the home of litchi with agreeable climate and beautiful scenery lies. On this piece of land, he built a golf course covering an area of more than 10 thousand square meters and established over 20 thousand square meters’ modern workshops equipped with imported first-class production equipment worth nearly ten million dollars, which laid a perfect foundation for Guangzhou Feida Exercise & Massager Equipment Co., Ltd.



In the early development of FEI DA, Board Chairman Chiang, Yu-song adopted Taiwan famous brand-Fair Tall and opened over 20 branch offices nationwide, which occupying the Chinese market by his great foresight. With many years of efforts, its products have successfully attained accesses into special counters of many famous chain supermarkets as well as department stores in China, and considerable achievements have been made. Guangzhou Feida Exercise & Massager Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in 1996, spares no efforts planning to enter international market by taking the rigorous market researches as the basic. The company integrates with the international market successfully through expanding the scale as well as improving the corporation system, and it was awarded the national grade II safety production enterprise in Guangdong Province, passed various international quality and safety certificates of ISO9001, CE,ROHS,GS,UL,CUL and PSE and achieved many product patents. 



In 2000, to rebuild the brand image, Guangzhou Feida Exercise & Massager Equipment Co., Ltd. alerted its original brand into FitAll with the purpose that relevant exercise and massager equipment of the company could be applied by all groups of people to bring them the best fortune, health, besides excellent services together with considerate products.



In 2003,in reliance on the excellent quality, high-quality services as well as innovative products, Guangzhou Feida Exercise & Massager Equipment Co., Ltd. made cooperation with many famous health brands from Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Europe, and entrusts from customers are gained.



Over more than 30 years of hard work, in 2015 all FEI DA staff adhere to the service principle of “Honesty, Credit, Etiquette, Righteousness, and Good Virtue” as well as the quality policy of “continuing the innovation and updates, Improving the products quality, Satisfying the customers’ requirements ,and making the FitAll brand long-lasting”, to maintain a stable development in the fierce competition and to win the acknowledgement among the industries with its brand value and service principle, Looking into the future, Guangzhou Feida Exercise & Massager Equipment Co., Ltd shall stick to the innovation and service, and continuously perfect the various sales service systems and improve the products quality, with taking the goal of leading the industries and contributing to the society, to work harder and progress stably, leading the role of pioneer and embracing a brighter future.




Continuing the innovation and updates, Improving the products quality.

Satisfying the customers' requirements, Making the FitAll bran long lasting.


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