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  • New product development proposals, evaluation
  • Safety certification standard consultation
  • The production model
  • Inspection and testing (I)
  • The pattern modification
  • Small batch production
  • The two test mode (T2)
  • The first test mode (T1)
  • Products mold
  • To apply for safety certification testing
  • Trial run review meeting
  • Durability test
  • Reliability test
  • Destructive test
  • Packaging drop test
  • Optimization of products or process optimization
  • New products export commodity inspection record
  • New product development is completed
  • Pre sales service
  • Product quotation
  • The signing of the contract
  • Deposit payment or open a letter of credit
  • Confirm the order requirements
  • Incoming inspection (IQC)
  • Raw material purchasing
  • Verify customer requirements.
  • Production specification sheet production
  • Manufacturing notice
  • Manufacturing
  • The first piece confirm
  • In process inspection (PQC)
  • The final quality inspection (FQC)
  • Booking
  • Certificate of origin in the bid
  • Balance payment
  • The customer or third party inspection
  • The export commodity inspection application
  • Trucking shipments
  • The export customs declaration
  • The export customs declaration
  • To provide a bill of lading
  • After-sale service


Hot questions

Can everyone sign up as a member?

The membership is intended only for existing and potential buyers, not general consumers.

What are the benefits of membership registration?

You are entitled to download manuals, maintenance manuals, maintenance videos, and promotion videos, check order status and receive irregularly the latest product information. Any uploading of information through FTP is welcome to share with us.

Should we fill out the membership information specifically?

Yes. Your specific membership information will generate efficiency and veracity in the audit process. Hence, please make sure your company information is given correctly and fully to have successful access to the membership registration

What advantageous term can FitAll offer for mutual cooperation?

Kind and diligent pre-service, excellent and strong R & D capability, reliable and stable product quality, reasonable price, customized product requirements, diversification of product items, perfect and satisfactory after-sales service, other customer assistance in needs.

What kind of after-sales service does FitAll provide?

As for your first purchasing order, we provide 3% of the total shipping quantity for the fragile parts and 2% for significant parts. For regular orders,2% and 1% respectively.

Would FitAll continue to provide parts after the announcement of discontinued products?

We guarantee that we would continue to provide our customers the parts after the announcement of discontinued products within 3 years.

How long is the warranty period on products?

According to the different nature of products, we provide a full-year warranty period and a 14-month period for the shortest and longest respectively since the very delivery date.

How to obtain repaired parts for warranty-exceeding products?

We can provide customers the needed repaired parts (subject to a charge).

Would FitAll purchase other desired products for clients?

We are obliged to provide all the needed business services. It is our pleasure to be at customers` service to purchase goods outside our product range, and also send professional QC to help customers conduct inspection, which will save your time and money spent on round business trips.

Why the price of products having similar or even the same to FitAll is much lower compared with your

The quality of the product determines its price. FitAll does purchase spare parts that meet all the required quality standards and safety norms. The reliability of all the spare parts is subject to the endurance test. Compared with counterfeit goods, FitAll sets higher and stricter standard on the iron pipe thickness, spray adhesive power, plastic strength, packaging materials intensity, and the security of electrical accessories.

What else can FitAll do for clients?

In addition to meeting customized needs, we can also assist customers in designing the promotional materials, packaging and providing market information.

Is FitAll now able to execute OEM and ODM orders?

Yes. We are able to execute OEM and ODM orders from domestic and abroad.

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